Adventure Time Characters Made From Post-it Notes, October 22nd, 2014

If this is what is happening to graffiti, maybe I like street toughs…

A friend of mine forwarded me this picture, I immediately felt impressed with the effort I witnessed. Not the effort of forwarding, although I should say that at least they didn’t just tag me in the picture like so many moronic half-wits do. Seriously, is it that hard to actually share something with a friend? Anyway, I was impressed with the effort and scale of this post-it note artwork.

10592895_1511609019079130_7716167027402552925_nSeriously, look at that! I can’t even comprehend the time it took to do this! Was it commissioned by some sort of art committee? What is this committee’s agenda? Do they wear the shiny jackets a committee should? Are they fully committed to the committee?  Is it a comedy committee? Is the leaders name Mity? I’m not intelligent enough to think of a clever joke involving the term “Welcoming Committee”.

Who the fuck knows, all we know right now is that they sure do approve of some damn fine post-it note art!

Beemo’s eye does appear to be bleeding though, what happened? Did the Ice King command Gunter to drill into his electronic eye? Wait… If he’s an electronic toy, how is he bleeding? I find this seriously worrying!


Other than the severe eye injury, this post-it note art is fantastic. Finn the Human looks as blissfully happy as he does in the cartoon. Jake’s appendages give the illusion of growth, at any time he could make himself 1,000 feet tall and leap right from the wall, It’s pretty freakin good. There’s more attention to character design in this single piece of art than there was in the entire Orlando Bloom filmography! Does he even know how to act? Sometimes I swear they awake him from his cryogenic chamber, hand him the key words and tell him to go.Except in Ned Kelly, he blew me away in Ned Kelly.

Enough about Orlando Bloom and his cryogenic state!
Let’s look at some more post-it note artwork.

First, the good!

I like to think that I have an eye for detail...
I like to think that I have an eye for detail…

I hope Beemo can get an eye replacement as sweet as this. The colours remind me of a sunrise over an Alabama swamp. I’ve never seen that, heard about it or even seen a film where that happens but I listen to enough Lynyrd Skynyrd that I feel like I have seen it. The attention to detail is just superb, look at that exuberance! Dammit man, I mean you would have to be pretty hepped up on goofballs not to  fall in love with this eye! If this eye was in front of me I would make out with it passionately, disturbing any nearby senior citizens and their dogs!

Next, the bad!

I know sometimes I wish my friends hated me this much!
I know sometimes I wish my friends hated me this much!

Seriously? What is this? Who the hell is Walt and what did he do? Is it Walt Whitman? Impossible as he died in 1892.

This is just a bad idea, congratulations on being the world thickest thicky! I’d hand make you an award but you’re probably too thick to even understand how an award ceremony works.

Imagine the time spent not only putting these on but then the time poor Walt had to spend getting it off before he could leave? You, are a dick among dicks.

Finally, the Ugly.

full_gumba_post_it_note_1293773886What the fuck is this? I’m not entirely artistically blind, I can make out the characters, they’re just shit. If your kids did this, I would encourage them to stop. Mario looks like he’s taken may too much MDMA. How big is the Goomba compared to Mario? On that point, how big is Mario compared to Luigi? Your kids need to pick up a book on artistic perspective. Stop being a shitty parent, buy your kids a damn art book so atrocities like this don’t happen!

Adventure Time Post-It’s- Mathematical
The Eye Post-It- It’s almost as beautiful as my eyes
The Walt Experiment- You dumb, you are really dumb
Drugged up Mario Post-It- Be a good parent


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